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Corona Virus (Diseases) (Corona Virus News) – One of the most deadly virus humanity every face-More the 11000 Deaths Right Now. The Corona Virus is spreading very fast in all the regions around the world. in every country in the world having this deadly virus right now this is the most critical situation the world and every country faces. The government taking every possible step to prevent this virus.

We are going to tell you the latest updates and news about the corona. in this article, we have mentioned all the steps on how to stay corona away from you and what kind of symptoms people are having.

Guideline for Corona Virus-  (Do or Do not)

There are Specific instruction is provided to the peoples around the world.


  • Stay at home. don’t Interact with any other person or stay away from the crowd.
  • Wash your hand for 20 sec each time when you meet with any other or touch anything.
  • Eat healthy to make your immune system strong.
  • Avoid traveling or if you want to touch anything ware protective gloves.
  • Kepp sanitizer with you every time. Apply on our hands from time to time.
  • Stay neat & Clean.

Do Not:-

  • Do not go to any other place.
  • Don’t go near to any other person.
  • If your family or friends are coming from abroad then you need to check them screening them before you can meet them.
  • Do not touch anything wear gloves or apply sensitizer.
  • If you have cold or fever do not take it Litely immediately go to the hospital tell them and do not interact with another.
  • Don’t do any kind of physical activity with your partner.

News & Updates  [Corona Covid-19) Alert

The Latest News About Corona –

About the cure of corona – Yes, it is possible, you don’t have to die if you have a low immune system there are some chances you can die.

The scientist is creating a cure for the diseases they have to make waxine for this cure.

Max. Cases are in the world – 277,300 its increase so rapidly. Total Deaths  – 11,431 recovered –  91,994

The rest of them are in isolation.