Sacred Games Season 2 ending 2021

What happens next on the Sacred Games Netflix series?| Sacred Games Season 2 ending

In the Sacred Games Season 3 ending who see the episodes of sacred games season 3. there is the biggest suspense, in the end,

What happens to the nuclear bomb is it explode or not is the pattern is correct or not. As we see in the series the kind of same patter draw by shahid. but can not be sure about this.

I think the bomb did not explode because it will destroy all the main characters in the series. If Netflix wishes to continue the series. they have to maintain with the old characters. I think the guru Ji planned to destroy the whole world. He must have more planes to execute his mission.

In the next season 3, They must be plane for something big. He must have more Ashrams around the world and around India. We see in the series the weapons were distributed the whole country.

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What is the ending of sacred games?

If Netflix doesn’t want to continue the series they just make a happy ending. And no bomb was exploded Sartaj is a big hero. & so on.

In the series shahid talk to his mother, during this, we see the there are some relation b/w Sartaj family and Shadid’s family is also a big mystery. It has to be reviled in next season.

Netflix must be thinking about season 3. If they see the profit of the series they must release the next season.

That’s why they make the ending like this. if the response was good then it will good to go next season. If not then it must be a happy ending. Sartaj lives happily ever after.

As we say picture Abhi Baki hai mere dost.

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